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At Blackshor Services, we have are equipped to deal with a wide variety of jobs, whether it’s power sweeping, snow removal, or ice management. Take a look at some of our tested and proved equipment to see just how well-equipped Blackshor is to service your properties. Take a look at our sweeper trucks, loaders, skids, and other equipment we use for snow and ice management.  Also included are videos showing the great work these types of vehicles can do. For inquires into renting or leasing, please contact us.

Blackshor Sweeper Trucks

Blackshor has three different sweeper trucks to make sure all of your property is clean and well maintained for your customers and employees. Our sweeper trucks have up to 10,000 pound lift capacity with optimal dust control as we sweep.. We make sure your curbs, gutters, and streets are free from debris and have your property looking professional. Call Blackshor today for a power sweeping quote!

Power Sweeping in Peoria, IL




Blackshor Skids

Skids can quickly and efficiently move large volumes of snow and eliminate a large amount of spill over, meaning every push is  effective and means less need for clean-up plowing.







Blackshor Loaders

Loaders, like skids, can quickly and effectively push large amounts of snow. Loaders have the advantage of being able to stack large piles of snow, freeing up more room in your parking lot. Loaders also allow for moving snow to be hauled away off of your property.



Industrial Snowblower

 These gigantic snowblowers allow more ground to be covered in fewer passes.

oshkosh with blower