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Snow Service in Peoria IL

Snow Service in Peoria ILEach company is different, and so is each winter. When snow and ice strike, you need a commercial snow removal company that can tailor their services to fit the needs of your property. For trusted snow service in Peoria IL, call 309-697-1133 to prepare your business for winter today!

Our Method

At Blackshor Services, no job is too large. We service more than 200 commercial customers, and they range from airports, big-box stores, and small businesses. With over 30 years of experience, we have learned how to service all types of companies, and how to anticipate their needs.

We use street view weather cameras to get live updates of streets and sidewalks. As the snow starts and continues to fall, we are ready. With our weather cameras, we can anticipate the needs of our customers before they have to call.

We offer daily, weekly, and periodic contracts. Let us know what’s right for your business, and we will tailor our contracts to fit your needs.

At Blackshor Services, we also have GPS tracking on all the vehicles and equipment in our snow fleet. This allows us to provide you with more accurate time estimates of when our commercial snow removal aid will arrive. Therefore, you can get back to business and leave the snow and ice management to us!

Our Services

Snow Service in Peoria ILWe offer these services to over 200 companies in Peoria and the surrounding area. Our goal is to help take care of your business in the winter, no matter the size of the job, the amount of service you require, or the unpredictable weather.

Trusted Snow Service in Peoria IL

For snow service in Peoria IL that you can rely on, contact us online or call 309-697-1133 today. Don’t let winter catch you and your business off guard.